This is the website for the Association of Oakville Harbour Stakeholders. We represent those who boat, paddle, sail, fish, hike, swim and enjoy Oakville’s Harbours and feeding tributaries.

For additional information, please contact:

Chair:  Chris Bishop   chair@oakville-harbours.com
Vice Chair:  Spencer Williams  vice_chair@oakville-harbours.com
Secretary: Cynthia Robins   secretary@oakville-harbours.com
Treasurer:    Cheryl Etherington   treasurer@oakville-harbours.com
Sediment Management Committee:  Ed Marcon   sediment@oakville-harbours.com
Feasibility and Capacity Committee:   Spencer Williams feasibility@oakville-harbours.com
Communications Committee: Chris Bishop   communications@oakville-harbours.com
Finance Committee:  Brian Miller   finance@oakville-harbours.com
Anglers Committee:  Guy Smith   anglers@oakville-harbours.com